New Recruits

In addition to Petry, the Org has brought Linus "Chip Shot" Omark and Chris VandeVelde into the fold. LT has a couple of nice pieces about the newbies and I think most heads around the O-Sphere are eager to see the trio's pro careers begin. Omark's signing is probably the most intriguing, as the small man's addition to the pro roster makes the line to the low urinal even longer.

The Oilers have hit the tipping point on vertically challenged skill players, so there's pressure to ship some of them out come the offseason. I figure we'll see Cogs and Creme Brule back for sure, but DuffMan's a longshot and Row-bert appears to be primed for a ticket out of town come Draft Day. Patio Lanterns and his ugly cap hit will probably see out his tenure with the Org, so here's hoping he stays snakebit for another Dive for Five. Anyway, if Omark's Desjardins' prove accurate and his YouTube hits keep coming in OKC, the management might give him a swig of that coveted coffee in 2010-11. So Tambellini best make room for him...

Though with Eberle not getting a sniff from upstairs, maybe we've struck on a revolutionary, controversial new sports theory: player development. Ebs is putting along cheerfully in Springfield, staying on a cockle-warming 1.25 PPG pace for the season and twice being the only Falcon on the scoresheet. The Cardiac Kid will finish out the season in Massachusetts and there was even some talk that he could get a long look for Messier's Worlds club. The arrows are pointing up, up, up with Ebs and it might just stay that way, if the Org sticks to its guns about sheltering our young talent.

Oh, and just in case you thought you'd see an Omark post without that damn shootout goal...

Someone in the Katz Group needs to hire whoever edited this ASAP.

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