Word has it (from LT via Flaming & Millard) Eberle won't be the only new face in Sprungfeld. Collegiate bookworm Jeff Petry will finally give up on his dreams of academia and ink a pro contract with the Org sometime in the near future.

Having discussed the Eberle situation, I'd give Petry equal odds on a stint with the big club after we eclipse T-9 games this evening. If the contract is done by today, Petry could see himself swapped out for Arsene or Chorney as soon as Sunday.

That depends, of course, on whether he flies or falls in the AHL.

Update: Via Tencer, Petry is signed, sealed, and being delivered to his first pro team. I'll bet his cup of coffee is brewing already...

Upperdate: Two years for the big Michigander.

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