Reasonable Arts-pectations

A year of inactivity on this blog can be credited to the information found within the second most recent post. Call it a boycott, if you're generous.

Anyway, I'm back at it. In an effort to hone my drawing skills, I will be posting illustrations of each Oiler as Lowetide posts his ever-riveting Reasonable Expectations. The first two recaps were posted by LT on April 11.

First up: Jordan Eberle

Jordan E. Eberle

And: Taylor Hall

Saint Taylor

The series will continue with Ales Hemsky (preview) and Sam Gagner. In an effort to keep pace with the prolific blogger that is LT, most of these are pencilled, inked, and coloured in an hour or so. Previews and roughs will be posted on my twitter (lgwgreen), as well as in the comments section of LT's profiles. Scans and finished work will be uploaded here whenever I get around to digitizing the damn things.

Enjoy! (And please don't hesitate to let me know what you think)