The Playoffs: When Sports Writers Really Earn Their Keep

Here are the first sentences from the 4 game previews up on TSN.ca today:

Here are some synonyms for the verb "try" that I found on Thesaurus.com:

Aim, aspire, attack, bear down, chip away at, compete, contend, contest, do one's best, drive for, endeavor, essay, exert oneself, go after, go all out, go for, have a crack, have a go, have a shot, have a stab, have a whack, knock oneself out, labor, lift a finger, make a bid, make a pass at, make an attempt, make an effort, propose, put oneself out, risk, seek, shoot for, speculate, strive, struggle, tackle, undertake, venture, vie for, work, wrangle.

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  1. I searched "jesse r" and the only one that came up was: