Gettin' Up

2009-10: 3 GP, 6 PTS (3G, 3A) playing with Linglet/Minard-Wiseman
2008-09: 9 GP, 9 PTS (3G, 6A) playing with Potulny-Stone

The Cardiac Kid has arrived in Springfield. Again. So far, Eberle's tallied 15 points in a dozen games in the A and, even by modest standards, is going like gangbusters.

What does this mean for the Oilers? Only the reckless acceleration towards the inevitable: Eb to Ed.

The EJ is all over JE's production and claims the Org "told the kid a call-up is coming as long as he produces, and he's holding up his end of the bargain."

There's no quotation marks around that excerpt in the story proper, which smacks of pandering. They quote Daum and he answers like they're asking him at gunpoint why he hasn't hand-delivered young Master Eberle to Tambellini's doorstep, snug in a basket and swaddled in an Oilers jersey. They are, of course, paying lip service to the slavering fans eager for his call-up. With nothing to lose and a joyless season rapidly retreating to the darkest corner of our memories, the Oilers will no doubt bring the kid up and start hustling hope by the kilo.

The Ducks game on Friday marks the Oilers ninth-last game of the season. T-9 games means open season on call-ups that won't effect eligibility. Could we see Eberle that early? Perhaps. Or the management may wait until the team heads to Missouri and ease the kid in with a short flight and a mellow Sunday afternoon tilt against the Blues.

A good showing from Eberle would be a mouthwatering appetizer for the Draft for fans and the Org alike.
Quick Hits

--Re: that First Overall Pick... The debate rages on, but now their asking Pat Quinn what he thinks. "Isshy and what? You must be some kind of crazy person," OTC responded.

--Another late-season pleasure, the Spoilers are starting to show up at the rink. Despite beating the Wings, they gifted them a Loser Point and helped them edge past the Flamers. Last night, the Sharks saw the Pacific Division slip out of their grasp thanks to the Spoil. Except for the Vancouver game, anymore wins for the good guys could cause some major disruption in the Western Conference Playoff race.

--Man Games Lost to Injury Watch: 441. Based on Mirtle's 2008-09 late-season projections, we're outpacing the Blues Conference-worst MGLI from last year, something they overcame to make the playoffs as a 6th seed. Interestingly enough, the last place Islanders posted the League-worst 566 MGLI the same year. That also happens to be the worst the League's seen in the past five years. The Oil aren't likely to catch up, but we'll come close... And we'll likely post a worse record than the 08-09 Isles.

--Another interesting piece on injuries, specifically CHIP (Cap Hit of Injured Players).

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