Resonable Artspectations: Massive Update Part I

While Lowetide is still a good eight skaters ahead in his series, Reasonable Artspectations is chugging along behind the scenes. If you've been tuned into my twitter feed, you may have seen previews for a bunch of these. Finally got some scans done, so here's the first batch of the update:

Ales Hemsky, the Prince of Pardubice

Sam "Crazy Eyes" Gagner, Movember Edition

Andrew "Ironman" Cogliano

Komrade Horcov
*If you don't get this one, do yourself a favour & familiarize yourself with Pat "BDHS" Mclean's Kaptain Horcov

Jones, Jacques & Reddox to follow in Part II. Sharp eyes will notice that I skipped Magnus Paajarvi & Linus Omark, I will post them after the draft as part of a bigger piece.

In an effort to keep pace with the prolific blogger that is LT, most of these are pencilled, inked, and coloured in an hour or so. Previews and roughs will be posted on my twitter (lgwgreen). Scans and finished work will be uploaded here & my flickr whenever I get around to digitizing the damn things.


  1. Nice work.. just wanted to say that I love the Horcov one, too funny.. Cool that you chronicled cogliano's tough year, while giving him respect for playing all 82 regardless..