Reasonable Artspectations: Massive Update Part II

Ryan Jones & "The Flow"

JF Jacques
I had zero inspiration drawing this one. Jacques, as is widely known, may be the least effective big man in NHL history. But he is big... So I went with that.

Liam "the Red Ox" Reddox
Obviously the opposite case here... Liam Reddox is a little ginger that works his bag off and gets great results. Yet he struggles for a regular gig while Jacques gets millions handed to him by the Organization for no return. Sigh.

That's all I have done for now, so stay tuned to twitter as I tackle the dregs of the Oilers forwards & on. As always, read Lowetide and take your vitamins.

In an effort to keep pace with the prolific blogger that is LT, most of these are pencilled, inked, and coloured in an hour or so. Previews and roughs will be posted on my twitter (lgwgreen). Scans and finished work will be uploaded here & my flickr whenever I get around to digitizing the damn things.

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