Rhyme Time!

The Dive for Five
The Fall for Hall
The Tank for Taylor
Lose it All to Choose T. Hall
Beggin' for Seguin
Get Fouler for Fowler
Taking the Shaft for a High Draft
By any name it's been hard to take, but our plummet through the standings has been so decisive it almost looks orchestrated. Mini-camp all you want, this team is a few quality parts (Penner, Visnovsky, Gagner) held together by a rickety substructure (Souray, Smid, Cogliano) and straight up defective elements (Moreau, Staios, Khabibulin, etc etc etc). Sure enough it will crumble even further than it has and it will be the Organization's mandate to rebuild it with new, untested parts (Eberle, MPS, 2010 first rounder) intended to make us better.

I got a freebie to the game tonight and I have a feeling this season might break my personal record for games attended. I've never been to more than a handful in a year and never have I been to two games so close together. Word on the blog threads is that people are already having trouble giving tickets away. Gratis. Without charge... For FREE, people!

It's a good sign. The fans, accused of being mindless supporters, are actually voting with their dollar and keeping their cherished meat out of the seats. Think Katz will get the message? Maybe I should bring an effigy of Lowe to burn tonight, just in case.

Sigh... Goilers.

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