Oilers Liveblog. Game 46. Vs. PIT.

I've heard the whispering among you, fair readers. I hear the murmurs. "What's with jesse r? It's been like a month and a half since his last post. And even longer if you're counting posts that have anything at all to do with the Oilers. What is that guy, some kind of bandwagon Oilers blogger?" Now I will admit that I've been somewhat neglecting this blog. But in my defence, I've been busy at work lately. Plus I got Dragon Age: Origins. Plus the Oilers are terrible and I hate them.

I don't hate them. I regret saying that immediately. Anyways, dear reader, I've heard your calls, and to prove that I haven't lost my Oilogosphere chops, tonight I will participate in a hockey blogging ritual older than Lowetide himself. The 'Liveblog'.


7:20 - 3-0 Leafs? I better not miss any of the first period because this game goes late. Wait. "Lemon of Troy" rerun on Fox. Never mind. All is well. "Rocky V. That was the fifth one!"

7:35 - Leafs game still on. I wonder how much they're going to play Neil Peart's HNIC theme tonight. Maybe I'l just watch the beginning of the new 30 Rock on the eastern timezone NBC for now. Nice Tron joke, Tina Fey.

7:55 - Missed the opening faceoff. Horcoff out? Does that mean that the Penguins have the 4 best centres in the game tonight? Nice save by Dubnyk midway through first. The game is kind of boring so far, though. Pens outshooting Oilers 3-1. Crosby!

8:10 - Switched to Leno to see what he had to say about the Tonight Show debacle. Didn't make that many jokes about it. Still plenty of edge, though. Take that Denny's and Maury Povich. And you can laugh all you want Kevin Eubanks, but wasn't destroying 'Local 4 News' enough for you? Now you've got to go after Conan, Jimmy and Carson too with your evil plans? Oh good: still scoreless in the game. Doesn't look like I missed much.

8:20 - First Period Over. Oilers turned the tide on the shot clock, apparently. I should pay closer attention in the second, I guess. Oh well, in the meantime, I'm just going to switch to TLC and get my 'BBQ Pitmasters' on. I don't know who you are, Harry Soo, but I would not want to mess with your pit.

8:30 - Scratch that. Found 'The Nature of Things' on CBC. It's about crows. Are you seeing this? The 'apes of the bird world'? The 'Apes' of the 'Bird world'? That is the single most terrifying phrase I've heard so far this year.

8:45 - Alright! The Oilers open the scoring! I missed the start of the second period and the goal, but I see from the internet that it was Cogs. Fleury better hope he doesn't get put in against Team Italy at the Olympics. The internet also says that Nilsson already has 10:15 TOI with 16:06 left in the 2nd? That doesn't seem like it's right. Also, do you think the younger 'A&W employee' from the A&W commercial is secretly the illegitimate son of the older 'A&W employee'?

8:55 - Visnovsky scores on the PP. And I was watching this time. Well, I was in the other room folding laundry, but still. I heard the goal. And I saw the replay. That counts.

9:10 - Jack Black on Community. He's doing a good job of playing one of his two characters: outrageously-wacky-yet-nimble-guy. His other character: guy-from-Mars-Attacks! I flipped back to game during commercial. Fleury losing his mind on Row-bear for some reason. I should flip back more often.

9:40 - Third period is underway. Now it's Conan's turn. "If NBC doesn't want people to see me, just leave me on NBC." Zing. Oh, also tie game.

9:50 - Oilers now down 3-2 on a goal by Dupuis. It's a real shame. But on the bright side...Will Arnett on Parks & Rec! I mean come on. What is this? Sweeps? Ron Swanson is maybe the best character on TV. I do wish Arnett had more scenes with Aziz Ansari, though. They have such good chemistry.

10:10 - Man, what a bloodbath. How did this even happen? CSI, you still know how to tickle my mystery bone, even with Lawrence Fishburn calling the shots. Oh, and the third period is over. Oilers lose.

10:15 - So that's it. I hope I proved to you all that I'm not some johnny-come-lately Oilers blogger who loses interest at the first sign of trouble. That I stick with this team, thick or thin. I mean come on, I missed all my favorite shows tonight, and all I got in exchange was another brutal loss. Gotta go, though. I'm missing John Stewart right now.

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