Christening the Unsinkable Blog

Well, here we are. It's D-Day and I'm ready to storm the beaches of the Oilogosphere.

The endless hype and speculation has gotten me ready for anything to happen in Montreal, but I'm also ready for nothing to happen. Will Tambi be left leaning against the wall like the redheaded girl with a clubfoot and braces? Or will he swing into the Bell Centre on a chandelier, swashing everyone's buckles and moistening our collective undies? Only time will tell.

Strap yourself in and stay tuned to your lightning boxes, folks, this should be one helluva Draft.


  1. It should be a good day, because even the club-footed readhead is going to end up dancing with Glennie, Kulikov, or Ellis.

  2. Welcome to the craziness we call the Oilblogosphere.