Are you smarter than a first-rounder?

Before we hit tomorrow's craziness (who's ready to get their Dominion Day on?), I thought I'd throw up a post about today's news out of Calgary. We've seen pending UFA's get traded in the past and sign before July 1, so it was no surprise to hear that convicted felon  Jay Bouwmeester is adding 'Calgary Flames defenceman' to his rap sheet.

Now that he's signed, I can already hear the chorus of tsn comment-thread commenters talking about how 'smrt it wus' [sic] for Darryl to trade for J-Bo's rights. I've even heard Oilers fans in the past couple of days say they wish we'd have offered Florida a better package for him. And I just don't get it. Any of it.

This has been discussed before, but as far as I can tell, from a purely economic standpoint, it doesn't make any sense for Calgary to make this trade...unless they think they're signing J-Bo for less than it would cost them on July 1.

It also doesn't make any sense for Bouwmeester to sign the deal (apparently 6.6 cap hit) either, unless he thinks it's better than what he'll get on July 1. That would mean:

1) that he thinks Calgary's offer is better than anything else anyone would ever offer (probably by a pretty wide margin, too, because if you hit the open market, there's always a chance of a bidding war).

2) that he thinks for some reason Calgary would take back their offer once free agency starts, otherwise why not just wait and see.

The argument comes up that the reason these trades make sense is because they're all a bunch of lying liars who have been secretly negotiating for weeks, and everyone knew exactly how it would go down before the trade ever got submitted to the league. There's probably some truth to that, but it still doesn't make much sense for J-Bo unless he's been secretly negotiating with all the interested teams, and if that's the case, then what the hell do we even have free agency for anyways? And then if Calgary had indications he'd sign their offer, why wouldn't they just wait until July 1 and save themselves some assets?

Seriously, if anyone can explain this to me, I'm all ears. I genuinely don't get it. But hey, at least this will keep anyone from confusing Dion Phaneuf with a top-pair defenceman.


  1. I've heard the word asshat and Leopold in the same sentence before, but never assets. Get ready for Double D to share the monster every tsn brodcast with J-Bo. FML

  2. Mintas,

    You obviously missed the article in the most recent issue of Asshat Quarterly about how much of an asset Leopold is to the asshat community.

    You do make a fair point, but obviously Florida saw value in him. Throw in the pick, and the Panthers are really the only ones acting rationally in the whole deal, I'd say.

    And yes, Pierre Mcguire is going to make us all want to F our Ls this season, I think.

  3. JR,

    Florida saw value in him because they had just recently watched Austin Powers Goldmember, and were delighted by the idea of a mini me. Or a mini J-Blo, (leopold). What really sold it was the scene where Mini me is rocking the Maple Loafs kit.

    Picks are nice, no hate on Florida, they may not be a real hockey market, but they sure so know how to make a jersey that is goalie mask friendly. Oh how i miss John Van Bees Bruck, aka Panther Head.

  4. Incidentally, the Maple Loaf kits from M & M Meat Shops are a great option for meals on the go!